Welcome to our first episode of Teamwork Tuesdays!

I’m excited to partner with my brilliant and talented friend, Loree Sanchez, every week to provide you content that will help you be a better teammate, peer, and overall influencer.

Today we discuss differences between Extroverts and Introverts, including how we can best partner together. 

The Jung-Myers theory describes two kinds of mental processes: aking in or gathering information and making decisions and coming to conclusions about that information. 

Everyone has a preferred way of using these mental processes.

 People who prefer EXTRAVERSION are energized by interacting with others, are friendly and expressive, prefer to communicate by talking, and work out ideas by talking them through

 People with a preference for EXTRAVERSION may talk more, show energy and enthusiasm, respond to questions immediately, interrupt, and provide nonverbal information—gestures, etc.

I’m hoping you could send me a DM on Instagram with your biggest takeaway from today’s episode. What actions will you take to help you better connect with your Extroverted/Introverted friends? 

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