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About Us

This is a podcast for Leaders hungry to get better

A lot of leadership experience is trial by fire. And while we’re all about learning from failure, we also know you can have greater success from the start.

You want support.

You need a sounding board.

And you are passionate about your people.

That’s where the New Leader Workshop podcast comes in. Every week, host Jacob Espinoza engages in a conversation about how to be a better boss. Listen for leadership guides, interviews with experts, and help with everyday scenarios through a new lens.

Each episode focuses on delivering easy wins for you to take to your team and increase performance. And like good leaders, they share their own goals, so you can tune in and hold them accountable.

Whether you are a business owner looking to grow or a new leader stepping into your first management role, understanding the fundamentals of leadership will help you keep your team motivated and hit your goals.

We are passionate about the process.

Let’s get better together.

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